Game Development
Since our inception in 2008, Hiqroup Gaming has been a key supplier of video slot content to some of the leaders of the global gaming industry. We have built our reputation on our outstanding game performance and our flexible engineering.
What We do....
At Hiqroup Gaming, we create both video slots for general release and highly customized slots for our clients. As such we are a creator of bespoke video slots for some of the largest operators and manufacturers in the industry. We have a global presence, with compliance experience in a wide range of regulated gaming jurisdictions around the world.

Game Development

Initial Planning

The Hiqroup Gaming Design and Marketing teams will meet with the client to determine the key concepts driving the development of a strategic game portfolio. This will address issues such as analysis of an existing portfolio, current demographics, additional player acquisition and retention, emerging trends and profiles.
We will further discuss a range of themes, volatility levels, features, bonus games and any other aspect required for bespoke development of a strategic portfolio. It is also important that there is an overall marketing discussion to determine how the games can be used to further extend the client’s brand.

Technical Review

Our Engineering Team will review documentation provided by the client to determine if there are any technical questions or matters that need to be addressed to best develop to a specific platform.
This will ultimately save significant time in the integration process.

Initial Themes & Concept Art

We will submit themes, names, concept art and descriptions for consideration and approval or modification. We will then work with the client to determine portfolio development priorities.
This allows the ability to set expectations as to game delivery. The client can then implement a schedule for marketing and release.

Features and Mathematics

Our Game Design and Mathematics departments will determine and create unique math models that best represent the client’s objectives as stated through the analytical process and the client’s objectives. Math will be verified and all required percentages will be provided.

Art and Creative Design

The Hiqroup Gaming Art Department will design and submit static art and design elements for approval. Subsequently, our Animation and Music Composition teams will finalize the game. This will require the client to provide appropriate documentation such as templates and other substantive game specifications for consistency.
Upon completion, our Demo team will provide a playable version of the game for additional review.


Upon approval, our Engineering Department will integrate the game to the appropriate provider platform. This requires the necessary documentation, such as an API, from the client along with server support, assuming it is not an “asset only” delivery.
We place a significant emphasis on product assurance and quality control so the game will be very “client provider friendly.”


All game assets, in the requested file formats, including all release documentation will be provided according to contractually specified delivery requirements. Hiqroup Gaming is also happy to provide any material that may be requested for the client’s marketing campaign.
Since success is our mutual objective, it is our goal to make certain that the client has all tools possible to promote the best exclusive content in the industry
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